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Early Learning for Everyone

Early Learning for Everyone is an organization committed to improving the quality of life of children and families


Help for families of children with autism.


Peace of mind while you are at work.

Our Mission:

Early Learning for Everyone is an organization committed to improving the quality of life of children and families. We use empirically validated methods and strategies to create socially significant change for children and families.

We provide each family with individualized support and training using the principles and techniques of applied behavior analysis and our understanding of early childhood development and developmentally appropriate practices. We follow the ethical guidelines set forth by the Behavior Analysis Certification Board, The Association of Behavior Analysis International, and the Association of Professional Behavior Analysts.

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)

ABA is a research based intervention designed to teach new skills and decrease inappropriate behavior.   We specialize in teaching vital communication and social skills to young children with autism. We work with children in their home or in other settings where they live, work and play.  As communication and appropriate play increase, tantrums and problem behaviors decrease.   Research shows that early intensive behavior intervention is the most effective option for young children with autism.

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Child Development Center (CDC)

Our childcare is a comfortable, home-like environment.  We take the comfort of a home setting and optimize it for learning.  Our childcare is designed for children of all abilities to play and learn together.Conveniently located in the UMED district, we are open Monday through Friday 7am-6pm so that busy parents can focus on their careers knowing their children are safe and engaged in meaningful activities.

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What Does ABA Look like?

Our trained behavioral technicians will come to your home and work with your child doing many of the things that your child would be doing if they were not there, or possibly activities that you are unable to do because of your child’s skill deficits or behavioral excesses.

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